Getting There

Public Transportation Toward Jatinangor

1.    From the Bus Station of Leuwi Panjang:
Elang-Jatinangor (Damri bus) (Economic / Non AC)
Route: : Rajawali-Garuda-Sudirman-Soekarno Hatta-Terminal Bis Leuwi Panjang-Soekarno Hatta-Cibiru-Cinunuk-Cileunyi- Jatinangor
Rates: IDR 2,000

2.    The Bus Damri Elang-Jatinangor Direction (via Toll):
Route: Rajawali-Garuda-Sudirman-Soekarno Hatta- The Bus Station Leuwi Panjang-Soekarno Hatta-Mohammad Toha-Tol Purbaleunyi-Cileunyi-Jatinangor
Rates: IDR 3,500

3.    From the Bus Station of Cicaheum:

  • Bus Bandung-Kuningan direction, Bandung-Cirebon, Bandung-Indramayu

Route: Station Cicaheum-Jend. AH. Nasution-Ujungberung-Cibiru-Cinunuk-Cileunyi-Jatinangor-Sumedang- Kuningan
Rates: IDR 3,000

  • City transportation (public transportation): Cicaheum-Cileunyi direction

Route: Station Cicaheum-Jend. AH. Nasution-Ujung berung-Cibiru -Cinunuk- Cileunyi station, then take public

transportation Cileunyi – Sumedang direction.

Rates: IDR 5,000 + IDR 2,000 = IDR 7,000

4.    From the Station of Kebon Kelapa:
Damri bus Kebon Kelapa – Tanjung Sari Direction
Route: Kebon Kelapa-Pungkur-Moh.Ramdan-Karapitan-Lauk Mas-Buah Batu-Banteng-Gajah-Buah Batu-By Pass Sukarno Hatta-Cibiru-Cileunyi–Jatinangor.
Rates: USD 5,000 (AC), Rp 2,000 (Economic / Non AC)

5.    From the Railway Station of Kebon Kawung:
City transportation (public transportation) St.Hall – Gedebage turn off at By Pass (Jl. Soekarno Hatta). Then take Damri Bus Kebon Kelapa -Tanjung Sari direction or Damri Bus Elang – Jatinangor direction. Alternatively, take public transportation Elang-Cicadas direction to Elang street, then take Damri Bus Elang-Jatinangor direction.

6.    From Husein Sastranegara Airport:
There is no direct public transport except taxis to get out of the airport. When you are not using a taxi, you can walk up to the junction to the airport and Jalan Lintas Hussein. From the junction, you can use public transportation across the airport (light blue) to the junction of Pajajaran street (Sculpture / Gate). From the Pajajaran street, you can take public transportation Elang-Cicadas direction (opposite the statue) to the Elang Street, then take Damri bus Elang-Jatinangor direction.
Alternatively, from Pajajaran Street, take public transportation or public transportation Ciroyom-Ciburial direction or Ciburial-Cicaheum direction to Dipati Ukur Street, then take Damri Bus Dipati Ukur- Jatinangor direction.

7.    From Toll Cileunyi Gate :
Cileunyi-Sumedang public transportation, get off at the front gate IPDN.
Rates: IDR 2500, -

8.    From Cimahi:
Bus Explore Cimahi – Jatinangor Direction
Route: Cimahi – Baros – Access Tol Baros – Tol Purbaleunyi – Cileunyi – Jatinangor
Rates: IDR 8.000, -

Damri bus operates from 5:00 am to 18:00 pm. Damri Ltd. organizes subscription ticket  1.000 IDR per piece. It also can be used on any economic trajectory. For public transportation in Bandung, some routes operate 24 hours. While in Jatinangor, only public transportations route to Cileunyi-Sumedang direction which operate 24 hours. However, in some areas, taxis also operate for 24 hours.

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