About Jatinangor

Jatinangor is a small town, located in the eastern part of  Bandung and was established in the early 2000s. It is located at the east longitude of 107o 45’ 8,5” – 107o 48’ 11,0”  and the latitude of  6o 53’ 43,3” – 6o 57’ 41,0”.  Today, Jatinangor is  known as one of the education towns in West Java, since several higher education institutionsare located in this area, namely, Universitas Padjadjaran (UNPAD), The Institute of Home Affairs (IPDN),  The Indonesian Institute of Cooperatives Management (IKOPIN),  and Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

Things to see in Jatinangor and surrounds:

  • The Tower Clock in Campus ITB (before the year 2011 is UNWIM College). The Tower Clock by the local community is often referred to Tower Loji which was built approximately in the 1800′s. The tower was originally served as a siren goes off at certain times as a sign of activity in rubber plantations. This Neo-gothic style building was rang three times a day. First, at 05.00 as a time sign to start tapping rubber; 10:00 am as a time sign for collecting bowls gum, and last at 14.00 as a time sign the end of production of rubber.
  • Cikuda Bridge which is today known as The Ring Bridge. The Ring Bridge located in Cikuda was originally built to support the smooth rubber plantation activities. This Bridge built by the railway company and named Staat Spoorwegen Verenidge Spoorwegbedrijf in 1918 was useful to bring in the plantation.

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