IPDN 2nd International Conference on Decentralization (ICODEC), Jatinangor, Sumedang, West Java, Indonesia November 14th, 2013

Decentralization of governance and  the strengthening of local government capacity has been implemented  in a large number of developing countries  over the last two decades.  This trend is coupled with a growing interest in the role of civil society and the private sector as partners to governments in finding out new ways of providing  better public services.  Theoritically, the implementation of decentralization will produce greater  public participation,  create more efficient government,  and enhance civil serviceprofessionalism in delivering  services at local level. Furthermore,   it has been marked also by many varieties of the implementation among these countries, due to the differences of  the constitutional arrangements, geographical landscape, local capacity as well as the embedded values and culture of these nations.The most fundamental rationale for decentralization, however,  lies in the notion of pushing the government closer to the people by providing its citizens with greater opportunity to influence  the decision making processes and allowing their direct participation in formulating policies, and monitoring the execution of the community development  programmes.

The IPDN 2nd International Conference on decentralization  seeks to bring together local government  professionals and practitioners  from several countries  who are committed to new knowledge, excellence, and innovation  in decentralization practices  for advancing the welfare of the people. The Uniqueness of Decentralization is chosen as the main theme of this seminar, in which  comparative analyses of best practices among the countries are encouraged to bring about rich and colorful varieties of  decentralization potraits, which will be presented and discussed intensely among the participants of this seminar.

Venue and Date :

IPDN Sumedang, West Java, Indonesia  November 14th, 2013

Language :
The conference will be conducted in English.

Key Dates :
• Submission deadline of Full Paper by October, 1st 2013
• Acceptance of Full Paper will be announced on October, 15th 2013

Best paper will be presented in the conference and some selected papers will be published in proceedings of the conference.

Contact Persons :
All correspondence relating to the conference should be addressed to:
E-mail: icodec@ipdn.ac.id


*Note : All participants should register.
Registration fee :  This conference  is free of charge,  and the participants will get  program book(schedule), refreshment, tea break, and lunch. Funding assistance will be given accordingly  to the eligible speakers / presenters. No payment needed to register  for the conference .